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As much as I’d like to tell you that this is a cool travel blog filled with tips and tricks, it’s not. There’s already a multitude of that online, and frankly, we don’t need any more.

This blog is a repository of memories from the road – from searing moments to interminable limbos, just a little showcase of the awesomeness of this big, big, world.

It’s also an outlet and a platform for my crazy, funny, dramatic, roller-coaster of a story as a brown girl facing borders, as part of an arduous three-year-long long distance romance, as half of a soon-to-be co-habitating couple (isn’t that scarier than LDR, really?), and as a dreamer in these mad times (because, you know, I’m going back to school for Creative Writing).

Although in truth, this blog will most likely contain more lulls because my life is nowhere near as interesting as I just made it sound.


Also, blogging? Super fun!


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