I’m Julia, a Filipino living in Vancouver, Canada. I have been called a hippie and a tree-hugger, both of which are possibly true.

I love the outdoors and don’t mind getting toasted in the sun. I love it so much in fact that in 2012 I left the comforts of the cubicle for good just so I can be out and about anytime the road beckons.

I write to fund my travels. (Weddings? Check. Lung cancer? Sure. Termites inside your home? Bring it. Literotica? Now we’re talking!) But mostly I write because I can wax poetic about words. All. Day. Long. Try me.

I have degrees in both Visual Communication and Creative Writing and my next adventure will be the greatest yet: finding a job in the Era of Covid.

As much as I’d like to tell you that this is a cool travel blog filled with tips and tricks, it’s not. There’s already a multitude of that online, and frankly, we don’t need any more.

This blog is a repository of memories from the road – from searing moments to interminable limbos, just a little showcase of the awesomeness of this big, big, world.

It’s also an outlet and a platform for my crazy, funny, dramatic, roller-coaster of a story as a brown girl facing borders, as part of an arduous three-year-long long distance romance, as half of a pandemic newlywed couple, and as a dreamer in these mad times (because, you know, 2020).

Although in truth, this blog will most likely contain more lulls because my life is nowhere near as interesting as I just made it sound.

Also, blogging? Super fun!

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  1. I immediately clicked on About to read “about” you and your blog and so far I really enjoy your voice. Forthwith I shall follow. What other reason IS there to travel. right? be well, j

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