Parallel Planets

Parallel Planets has moved homes, but keeps an archive in their old URL. When the page loads, keep scrolling down to find the articles. Author credits are found in the tags.

“Monochrome matters, parallel perspectives, and spatial subjects — these are our bare bases. We are bold, black, and beautiful: a conglomeration of creative oeuvres by various artists unravelled worldwide; a thoughtfully laid anatomical dissection of never-before-published pieces; an online planetarium that aims to derail from the usual, existing ones; a virtual manifesto that teleports an artist and his passion to another world, and; a visual vein that illuminates what it’s like to be in a parallel point of view. The things that we own and perceive on earth may or may not exist in other worlds but here we are. Universes conspire. Galaxies coexist. Planets collide. You have found this particle of a planet. You and I are random, yet somehow, we are also synchronized.”

Parallel Planets

Paulo Correa in Piercing Pieces: Reimagining Palahniuk

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Abbey Watkins: Mythology & Psychedelia

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