Osaka in a Day

A gust of wind hit my face like a sharp slap as I stepped out of the warmth of New Osaka Hotel. The morning was blustery, almost 0 degrees C, a true winter morning. We marched to the Shin-Osaka Station across the street, gloved hands in pockets and heads bowed against the cold.

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Tokyo Time Machine

Eighteen months. That’s how long it’s been since these photos were taken. Too long ago, to be honest. I’d much rather be back here now, staring out the Shinkansen window at the blazing countryside, seeing the face Japan takes for late Spring.

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Finding “Oomph” in Nature

I stared up the rock bluff, an “in your face!” finale to the tough hike I’ve had. After two hours, Sandy and I were almost at the summit of the Prairie View Mountain Trail in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. My legs were raging, my chest was tight, and my sides were in stitches, but I had […]

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A Road Trip Journal

Thick fog nestled lazily on Salt Spring Island’s fields the morning we left for Calgary, as if they slept on a cradle of land. The sky was as blue as ever and the air sharp and nippy. Everything had a whisper of freshness and light, a hint of quiet awakening.

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