Faces: Siem Reap

Travel is never complete without the people you cross paths with along the way. They infuse your experience with a different kind of soul, a depth, and a dynamism nothing else could fulfill. However pretty or rotten a place is, it’s always a smile across the street from a local or a shared memory with a stranger that becomes your trip’s clincher.

I haven’t been to many places yet, but I am certain that the people in Siem Reap are some of the best you could ever meet. They’re quiet, gentle, and polite, and their smiles are so bright its warmth just washes over you. A huge part of why I fell in love with Siem Reap is because I fell in love with the people; from our hotel’s staff, to the vendors at the Night Market, to the old men and women and little kids at the temples, to our amazing tuk tuk drivers. Everyone I met was just love.

people in the street
It was a long road, yet this little boy carried his little sister the whole way, despite the searing soil and the hot sun
out boat man
The locals of Kompong Pluk


a little boy and his giant bike
Dy, our tuk-tuk driver

our other tuk tuk driver, Johnny, who’s always chuckling about something

This man offered to bless me at Banteay Samre, but I turned him down. I felt pretty guilty afterwards, so now I have unfinished business in Siem Reap.
This temple guard waved at me as I was taking his shot from the 3rd level of Pre Rup

one of my new Cambodian animal friends :)
I just love that little, kind smile on her face

This little thing gave me a scare when it gave me an evil-eye on the way to attacking somebody for food. Luckily for the guy it attacked, he was able to run away unscathed. :))

And then of course there were my amazing friends, who made about 60% of this trip. They are love!<3

What the heck, Now my feet all are itchy for a destination again. Haha.