I got published on Roam Magazine!

It’s a piece on the rich, varied, and sometimes disjointed textures of my home, Manila, and how this has come to define me as a traveler and a citizen of a global world. Read it here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it too. Leave it at the comments section below.

I got published on Lonely Planet Traveller!

That’s right, I just got a photo published on Lonely Planet Traveller’s November issue. It’s a photo of a farmer’s market in the Okanagan Valley, which was included in their monthly Instagram picks for #LPPostcards.

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Updates from the Abyss

It’s honestly frustrating how long I’ve been gone over here. I’ve been trying not to get swallowed up whole by that monster called “no time”, but obviously I’ve been failing. On a good note though, the latter half of my year has been very, VERY, exciting and I have LOADS to post about. As such,…

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On Photos

I went on editing overdrive the past year, applying every kind of filter, effects, and toning to most of my photos (a new superpower I acquired from work). This year though I’m ready to ditch it all and go back to my roots. Nothing beats bare sunlight on lines and planes, the natural punch of…

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Welcome to the Last Frontier, said Ostrich

One downside of getting caught up in a brand new fandom is being able to resist the call of other worldwidewebly duties. As such, I managed to neglect this blog despite the tens of photos waiting to be posted. If you notice, this here isn’t going to be a full post either. It’s coming, but…

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The Year in Review 2010

Some year it was for travel and photography! I’ve been all over the Philippines this past year much to my excitement. Here are my favorites from all the trips and events of 2010. (These are also lifted from my old photoblog so I don’t have to transfer post by post anymore. Hah! Clever or what?…

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