Content Writing

Smart Parenting

Smart Parenting is a Filipino magazine for moms and young families. In 2019, I was commissioned to write a listicle for newcomers to Vancouver and soon-to-be immigrants about to make the big move.

Filipino Stores in Vancouver When You’re Craving a Taste of Home


I was a contributor for Filipino travel blog, Ellry, from 2014 to 2017. Though their website went offline in 2019, partial archives of my original posts can still be accessed online. The following are a small selection of my pieces.

Go for a Geek-fest in these Manila Spots for Geeky Barkadas

Why Marikina is the Perfect City for Some Weekend Chilling

How to Get Free Lodgings Anywhere in the World by Volunteering

Awesome Adventures in Tarlac Perfect for Every Kind of Outdoorsman

Erika with a K

I was invited to contribute personal essays for this community of travellers, digital nomads, and restless souls in 2017.

Manila Philippines: Two Extremes

Bagan, Myanmar: A Feeling of Freedom

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