Sweet Spontaneity

First roadtrip with my new gear. I was still getting the hang of the D80, which I found has an even wonkier light meter than the already wonky D60’s.  No matter though, the colors still registered pretty nicely. And the forgotten ISO setting turned up pretty grainy shots which I found to my liking. In the end, I was pretty happy.

As for the trip itself. Oh it was something. We had no plans, no destination, no nothing. Just a general idea of our direction and lots of Cheetos Jalapeno. Perfect combination! Hah. We ended up in a beach somewhere in Wawa, Batangas and swam for a good half-hour before getting our fill and finally heading back as the sun went down.

This will definitely set high standards for the rest of my trips this year. Fun fun!

As for the photos, click right on. ;)

the road home