Batanes and the Search for Purity

It was less a story than a prayer. For this place that had seized me to remain pure, to become constant, so that I could return one day and find its place in my heart still intact. 

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I got published on Sonderer’s Magazine!

It’s a short creative non-fiction piece on the diversity of the Philippine diaspora. Read it here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it too. Leave it at the comments section below.

I got published on Lonely Planet Traveller!

That’s right, I just got a photo published on Lonely Planet Traveller’s November issue. It’s a photo of a farmer’s market in the Okanagan Valley, which was included in their monthly Instagram picks for #LPPostcards.

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Weak Passports and Passive Racism

I’ve been gone a whole year and before I go on to the main point of this post, I first owe you guys an update. It’s not because my year had been painfully boring that I haven’t shown up here. It’s quite the opposite. 2015 has been pretty amazing.

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The Dark Side of Travel

  Last month, I had a really good teaser of the life I wanted. I was on the road for all but one week, and I loved every moment of it. Loved it so much, in fact, that I was completely unprepared for the crash that greeted me when I got back.

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Changi Airport, Singapore. October, 2012. It starts with the first stamp; when you’re finally cleared of all the roadblocks and allowed into your flight. That thumbnail of ink on that small squarish sheet becomes your doorway to unknown, unlimited possibilities. Then comes the wait, wherein your mind starts to shift. Letting go of walls, taking…

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Escaping Summer Heat

We’re at the heart of summer in the Philippines, and with temperatures averaging 39 degrees C a day (hotter than freakin body temperature!), it’s no surprise my mind is getting slowly fried. All I’m consumed with now is thoughts of the ocean, or the cool mountains, or anywhere away from the searing city, longing for…

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Because True Love is Eternal

Yes, this is a lame excuse for the epic lateness of this post: that true love is timeless anyway, so it doesn’t matter that it’s three freakin’ months late. It’s still relevant. Right? Right?? Yes! Haha. Reg is the first of my college friends to get married, and it was pretty exciting. Not only because…

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Updates from the Abyss

It’s honestly frustrating how long I’ve been gone over here. I’ve been trying not to get swallowed up whole by that monster called “no time”, but obviously I’ve been failing. On a good note though, the latter half of my year has been very, VERY, exciting and I have LOADS to post about. As such,…

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