Finish Lines and Jumpstarts

Shot for my friend, Tipay’s, finals at SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts). Since we were shooting bridal, there was no better place to do it than where it all started, our grounds at the UP College of Fine Arts, where everything was just a little dreamy. She pooled some friends to shoot, to model, and to do the hair and make-up, then off we went. The only minor setback was we shot it at 12 noon, with the sun at its harshest. Thankfully, the greens all over more than made-up for this and gave us the desired effect nevertheless. :)

Designer: Tipay Caintic
Hair & Make-up: Cari-Dawn Campbell
Models: Chinggay Tarnate (bride) and Pia (little girl)
Photographers: Tzaddi Tamondong, and yours truly