Because True Love is Eternal

Yes, this is a lame excuse for the epic lateness of this post: that true love is timeless anyway, so it doesn’t matter that it’s three freakin’ months late. It’s still relevant. Right? Right?? Yes! Haha.

Reg is the first of my college friends to get married, and it was pretty exciting. Not only because I loved weddings to begin with, or because me and some other friends were going to play roles in the actual ceremonies, but because I know Reg’s history. I know what she’s been through, love-wise and all that jazz, and to see her find a man who is truly worthy of her was just… *fireworks popping from the heart* I don’t have the right word for it. <3 It’s amazing, to say the least.

So of course, despite her and her then husband-to-be (they’re now married yay!) Rico, being all the way in Singapore, we just had to fly our butts across the ocean and celebrate.  It didn’t hurt that we were there on official wedding business as well, since one friend was tasked to shoot the official prenup photos and another was tasked to make the wedding gown. It was a work-party and it was a BLAST.

When the day of the prenup shoot came we were all in work-mode. We traipsed all over Singapore to get the perfect locations. It even rained a bit, but that didn’t stop anyone from doing what we came there to do. Reg and Rico even sat in the water, in the rain! And our official photog, Sandee, trooped on with her epic camera wrapped in plastic! (Man, my friends are awesome!)

Suffice it to say, the shoot was great. The eventual wedding was also great. The couple, of course, was even greater. Which only means, whatever lays ahead for these two would be pretty freakin’ great as well. And I can’t wait to witness it. Love you guys! :)

In the meantime, here are some of my shots from that day. Enjoy!

R&R_002 R&R_003 R&R_004 R&R_019 R&R_005 R&R_006 R&R_020R&R_007 R&R_008 R&R_009 R&R_013 R&R_010 R&R_011 R&R_012 R&R_014 R&R_015 R&R_016 R&R_017 R&R_018

Aaaaaaaand… the best for last. :)))